Wholesale Trade

Tylers Fabrics offers wholesale trade for dressmakers and designers in Melbourne, Australia and overseas. Laces, tulles, silks and other evening and bridal fabrics are available in wholesale quantities and pricing. To make an enquiry and to discuss if your company meets our criteria, please contact our Melbourne office: [email protected]
tylers wholesale fabrics melbourne australia

Tylers is proud to offer the range of wholesale fabrics we have to Melbourne, Australia and overseas. It can be viewed via our showroom, interstate agents or online.

When visiting our showroom, dressmakers and designers are welcome to view the range by themselves or with their clients.

For interstate customers: our agents have their own range of our fabrics for you to see. In some instances, designs may not always be available, but depending on the design our Melbourne team can also loan samples to you directly.

The Tylers Fabrics Instagram page is also where you can keep up with the latest designs as they arrive. Our story highlights showcase the latest designs in bridal, evening and base fabrics which can be viewed via our online shop catalogue (note: retail pricing is listed only). Enquiries can be made through the website or via the contact details below.

For sampling: wholesale customers can purchase a full set of colour cards and a set of quality feelers of our base fabrics in Natural for you to keep on hand. International customers are asked to contact us directly for all sample requests and enquiries.


Our wholesale team are available in the office every Monday – Friday to assist with orders and enquiries. They can assist with interstate, international and all local customers.

You are welcome to contact them individually or you can contact the whole team by phone or email: (03) 9421-2848 / [email protected]

For more contact details and the location of our Melbourne office, you can click here.


If your business is located outside Victoria the following agents are available to assist you with orders, enquiries and the viewing of our fabric range.

You are welcome to work with them directly or our team in Melbourne.

Wholesale customers in the Northern Territory, Queensland & Tasmania, please contact our Melbourne office.

ACT can contact both Sally Lee or the Melbourne office.

New South Wales

[email protected] 0411 067 668

South Australia

[email protected] 0414 741 533

Steve Oxbrow

[email protected] 0429 476 270