Tylers Fabrics is now by appointment to keep staff and customers safe during this time. It also allows for a more personal experience in the showroom, where you will have full access to the samples in store at one time either by yourself or with your chosen dressmaker or designer. It is essential you book a time to come into our store, as we cannot guarantee availabilities for walk-ins as our showroom has an 8 person capacity limit including staff at any one time.

Each appointment runs for up to 45 minutes and bookings are available Monday-Friday on the half-hour (first daily appointment is at 9:30am, last at 3:30pm). We are CLOSED on weekends. You can view our trading hours here.

To place a booking you can call us on (03) 9421-2848 or by emailing



It is important to know our conditions of entry prior to arriving to your appointment. Once a booking is placed, you will receive a confirmation of booking via email that will include these listed conditions. If you have any further questions regarding our COVID Safe policy please call us.

  • Mandatory Service Victoria QR Code check-in at the door.
  • Face masks must be worn over nose and mouth inside the showroom at all times. If you have an exemption, please have proof on hand to show at the door.
  • Fully vaccinated customers only. If you have an exemption, please have proof on hand to show at the door.
  • A maximum of two people per appointment is allowed not including the designer or dressmaker if you are attending with one.

All parties attending the appointment must comply to the above conditions or they will be asked to leave the premises.


Do I need to make a booking to visit?

Yes you do! Tylers has been operating by appointment only since Oct 2020 and we will remain doing so for the foreseeable future. You can make a booking by contacting our phone or email!

Due to capacity restrictions, walk-ins cannot be guaranteed entry so we really recommend you book an appointment in advance.


Can I bring someone to my appointment?

Yes you can! At the moment we do have capacity restrictions and we ask that you bring only one other person with you (not including a dressmaker if you are visiting with one).


Will I need to be vaccinated? What if I have an exemption?

Yes! Proof of completed vaccination will need to be shown at the door via a digital certificate or printed certificate. Your digital vaccination certificate should also be connected to your Service Victoria app when checking in.

**If you have a vaccine exemption, please have your proof of exemption on hand to show staff at the door.

Persons who are not fully vaccinated or can’t provide proof of vaccination or vaccine exemption will not be allowed inside the showroom.


Do I need to check-in?

Absolutely! All parties arriving to the appointment must check in via the Service Victoria app and show proof of check-in at the door before entering.


Do I have to wear a mask? What if I have an exemption?

Yes! Masks must be worn correctly over nose and mouth when inside retail spaces and we ask that customers adhere to this inside our showroom too.

**If you have a mask exemption, please have your proof of exemption on hand to show staff at the door.

Persons who refuse to wear a mask correctly or can’t provide proof of mask exemption will not be allowed inside the showroom.


Are your staff vaccinated?

Yes! All members of our staff including retail, wholesale and back-of-house are fully vaccinated.


**NOTE REGARDING EXEMPTIONS: An exemption held for a mask cannot be shown as proof of exemption from vaccination or vice versa. If you have exemptions for both mask wearing and vaccination please have both on hand ready to show at the door.

Have any more questions? Email or call our team!